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Automotive services. Specification for vehicle damage repair processes – 2014 Edition

Includes all amendments and changes through Amendment 1, 2016

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BS 10125, 2014 Edition – Automotive services. Specification for vehicle damage repair processes

BS 10125:2014+A1:2016 specifies requirements for automotive vehicle (vehicle, see2.1) damage repair processes undertaken at fixed facilities or through provisionof a mobile service and includes requirements for:

  • repair processes;
  • competence of personnel;
  • tools and equipment;
  • parts and controlled consumables;
  • repair process management;
  • quality control; and
  • complaints procedure.

This British Standard also specifies the information to be included in any claimof conformity.It covers the removal and refitting or replacement of windscreens, other vehicleglazing and mechanical parts undertaken as part of the vehicle damage repairprocess. However, it excludes windscreen repair undertaken as a separateactivity, for which there is a British Standard, BS AU 242a.This British Standard is not applicable to motorcycles (with or without sidecars),three-wheeled vehicles or vehicles over 5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW).This British Standard does not cover customer service, for which see BS 8477.
Cross References:
BS AU 242a
BS 8477
BS ISO 10002
Incorporates the following:
Amendment, September 2016. Amends and replaces BS 10125:2014

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