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Distribution of electricity on construction and demolition sites. Code of practice – 2010 Edition

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What is BS 7375 – Electricity on construction and demolition sites?

BS 7375 is a code of practice that gives recommendations for the distribution of electricity on construction and demolition sites. It also gives guidance on the application of the requirements of BS 7671 Requirements for electrical installations. IEE Wiring Regulations on such sites.

What kinds of sites are covered by BS 7375 – Electricity on construction and demolition sites?

 The sites covered in this standard are areas where any of the following take place:

a) Construction work of new buildings

b) Repair, alteration, extension, demolition of existing buildings or parts of existing buildings

c) Engineering works

d) Earthworks

e) Work of similar nature.

Who should use BS 7375 – Electricity on construction and demolition sites?

• Builders

• Contractors

• Engineers

• Electricians

• Anyone involved in electrical installation equipment

Is there anything BS 7375 – Electricity on construction and demolition sites does not cover?

BS 7375 is limited to those supply systems operating at nominal voltages not exceeding 440V a.c. between conductors, or 250 V a.c. between conductors and earth.

The following are outside the scope of BS 7375:

a) High voltage incoming supplies and equipment

b) Underground mining operations

c) Current-using equipment

d) Output circuits of frequency changers.

The use of reduced low voltage systems as recommended in BS 7375 has made a major contribution to electrical safety on construction and demolition sites. However, for some site installations, it might be necessary to use supplies at a higher voltage.

How has BS 7375 – Electricity on construction and demolition sites changed from the previous edition?

BS 7375 should be used with the relevant clauses of BS 7671.

This is a full revision of the standard and includes the following changes:

  • Updating of references to BS 7671 to take into account the publication of the seventeenth edition
  • Updating of all other standards references
  • Updating of style and structure to conform to current BSI drafting rules

This version of BS 7375 replaces BS 7375:1996, which is now withdrawn.

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